Enjoy the view of Las Hadas Beach, Manzanillo Bay and a part of Puerto Las Hadas marina from your patio!

Condominio Puerto Las Hadas is located on the peninsula in Manzanillo, Mexico on the Mexican Riviera.

A studio condo that fits 2 people comfortably with comfortable furniture, a kitchen with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops, a bathroom with a spacious shower, a granite countertop and bathroom cabinets, a queen size bed, modern faucets and much more…

Hidden in Manzanillo Bay with the beach right in front of your Mexican vacation rental condo.

Enjoy a diner at Marina Puerto Las Hadas which is only a 100 meter stroll from your vacation home.

Manzanillo… authentic Mexico with a modern feel.

The pool at the condominium has palapa’s, sun beds a restaurant and view towards Manzanillo Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Lush, palm-filled jungles cover hills that level out toward the ocean and turn into sandy beaches. One reason for its popularity could be Manzanillo’s enticing tropical geography – vast groves of tall palms, abundant mango trees, and successive coves graced with smooth sand beaches. To the north, mountains blanketed with palms rise along the shoreline. And over it all lies the veneer of perfect weather, with balmy temperatures and year-round sea breezes. (Manzanillo has an average of 350 sunny days per year!)

Manzanillo seems to be built for taking advantage of those sea breezes and is largely centered around two bays, (Manzanillo Bay and Santiago Bay) formed by a breathtaking peninsula that juts into the ocean. The beaches in the area are unspoiled and seemingly endless – however, the sand is incredibly hot. (It must explain why the actors in the movie ‘10’ were always running on the beach…) Despite hot feet, the sand in Manzanillo is beautiful. Due to volcanic rock and the heavy mineralization of the area, black sand mixes with brown to form patterns that make any walk along the beach an esthetic delight.

It took the budding and beautiful Bo Derek, cornrow braids flying behind her, to put Manzanillo on the map. The year was 1979. A romantic film comedy called “10”, starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore, became one of the year’s biggest movies. In the movie, the middle-aged Moore becomes obsessed with Derek and follows her to a tropical paradise: Manzanillo – in magical Mexico. Fans flocked to the box office and then began flocking to this undiscovered, pristine destination featured in the movie. Manzanillo became famous!

The condominiums are build against the rocks which gives it it’s unique Moorish architecture. It has it’s own swimming pool with restaurant and along the marina you will find some fine restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic diner while taking in a breathtaking view towards Manzanillo Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Discover Mexico and ALL it has to offer!