Puerto Las Hadas, Manzanillo, Mexico.

History, Ambience and Luxury.


It took the budding and beautiful Bo Derek, cornrow braids flying behind her, to put Manzanillo on the map. The year was 1979. A romantic film comedy called “10”, starring Bo Derek and Dudley Moore, became one of the year’s biggest movies. In the movie, the middle-aged Moore becomes obsessed with Derek and follows her to a tropical paradise: Manzanillo – in magical Mexico. Fans flocked to the box office and then began flocking to this undiscovered, pristine destination featured in the movie. Manzanillo became famous!


Until then, visitors had arrived in Manzanillo in more of a trickle, many invited by a millionaire from Bolivia. Don Antenor Patino, who made his fortune in tin, built a dream house overlooking Manzanillo Bay in the 1960’s. He called the property “Las Hadas”,image-lashadas-entrance a historical name meaning “fairies”. The moniker was bestowed on the Manzanillo area decades earlier by navigators who saw the ocean sparkling with light during the night. The sparkles were caused by phosphorus in the water, and the effect was/is purely magical. Patino began inviting friends to the area and commenced building Las Hadas into a world-class resort and recreation centre. In 1974, he opened the $33-million whitewashed, Moorish-influenced resort with 300 jet-setters from around the world arriving for one of the hottest parties of the year.


Las Hadas Golf & Marina Resort is located on the Peninsula and contains a hotel with restaurants, shops, Las Hadas beach, an 18 holes golf course, named in Golf Digest as one of the world’s top 100 golf courses, tennis courts, swimming pools and Las Hadas Condominiums.


The condominiums are build against the rocks which gives it it’s unique Moorish architecture. It has it’s own swimming pool with restaurant as well as restaurants along the marina and a breathtaking view to the Pacific Ocean and Manzanillo Bay.